An Update

Just a quick update post for today.

My goal was to read fifty articles from each outlet I’ll be rating before the first draft of the ratings system goes live. I set that goal more than 10 weeks ago, when I first began this project — which means I just hit fifty articles for each outlet.

That said, don’t expect the map to go live today. In addition to reading dozens of new news stories and catching up on the ones from previous weeks I haven’t finished yet, I also have to collect and organize the data, and then put it together in a series of charts. All this takes time. My guess is, it’ll be another five or six weeks to get all the information I need together.

But we’re one step closer to a draft version of the bias map being up. And that’s exciting to me, even if we’re still at a point where no one is really reading this yet.

In the meantime, we’ll be back with another blog post about an early forerunner of my two-axis chart soon. Enjoy!

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